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I support companies to be ready for the future .

How can I help you?

Thanks to my experience, I’m able to support your Dynamics 365 Business Central project in multiple areas. Regardless how we are working together, my motivation is always a part of it.


Before a project starts, a lot of decisions were made already. Resources are planned, time is estimated and milestones are determined. Wouldn't it be great to have someone, who contributes value and accelerates into a project from day one?


I wouldn't say consulting is a kind of art. But, every professional has an own approach. My approach tries to utilize the built-in functions of Dynamics 365 Business Central first. When the boundaries are reached, I'm able to create qualitative bespoke solutions.


Everyone has an own approach when it comes to development in Dynamics 365 Business Central. My experience helps me to understand what is important. Development in Dynamics 365 Business Central must be robust, standardized and focused on the user.

Software design

My skills


My main focus is on Finance, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, Warehouse, Assembly & Service


I'm able to integrate your Dynamics 365 Business Central into any other applications supporting REST or SOAP.


Understanding source data, create mappings and validate into Dynamics 365 Business Central using RapidStart or bespoke XML/CSV-imports.


Understanding the business is crucial to create design documents to discuss how your business wants to operate.


Show me a problem, give me access to your Dynamics 365 Business Central and I will tell you the reason.


Development, release and support management - let me help your business with my broad partner experience.


A lot Dynamics 365 Business Central-systems do have problems with performance. Let me help you find the reason.


The programming language did change for Dynamics 365 Business Central.
I'm future-ready.


I'm able to create data queries that deliver the right information for your reporting requirements.


Would you like me to help in your project?

For any question or additional information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

What professionals say about me

Hannes made our Dynamics NAV-project a truly success for the whole business. His expertise and advise did help the business to utilize Dynamics NAV to support the companies growth.
Dan Nicholson
Head of It solutions
Hannes joined the project as it was 6 months running. He quickly integrated himself into the project with full motivation. His knowledge of Dynamics NAV was a real benefit for the project. You could ask him basically anything about NAV and he joined the technical design group real quick. His software developments in NAV were always logic, clean and easy to understand.
Jan Stamer
NAV consultant
Hannes had a good relationship with his clients and was easy to talk to. When I got a question or problem, I could always be sure that Hannes knows an answer. He was always focused on his work and an enjoyable person.
Frauke Weithart
Product manager

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That's who I am

My Name is Hannes Holst and I’m a Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant with more than 14 years experience. I have built my knowledge about Dynamics 365 Business Central by working for international companies. Fortunately, I never forgot to expand my horizon.

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