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Hello. my name is Hannes holst.

I’m a software developer with more than 15 years experience. I have specialized in Microsoft Business Central which allowed me to gather a wide knowledge of software development. I believe in continuous learning so that I can catch up with the latest technology trends. I’m passionate about Python, Data, Serverless Computing and the bootstrap mentality.

I also share regularly in social media channels , my blog and I hope that I can help a little to make the start into an IT career easier!

PASt Projects

Hannes is one of the most trusted developers I have worked with. You get more than just a developer you get a full solution design expert. On countless projects his skill has enabled solution design, development, and implementation to be shorted. great team player also.

Hannes made our Dynamics NAV-project a truly success for the whole business. His expertise and advise did help the business to utilize Dynamics NAV to support the companies growth.

Hannes joined the project as it was 6 months running. He quickly integrated himself into the project with full motivation. His knowledge of Dynamics NAV was a real benefit for the project. You could ask him basically anything about NAV and he joined the technical design group real quick. His software developments in NAV were always logic, clean and easy to understand.​

Hannes had a good relationship with his clients and was easy to talk to. When I got a question or problem, I could always be sure that Hannes knows an answer. He was always focused on his work and an enjoyable person.

Hannes is a very skilled developer and consultant. He takes time to understand the context of development requests including the end-user requirements and the bigger picture of operational processes that surround the request. He strives to produce the very best work he can and encourages others around him to do the same. You’re in good hands when you have Hannes on your team!​

other projects


Pydoku is a SaaS that helps to solve Soduko. Simply upload a picture and you will get the result in a blink of an eye.

Tech stack:
, OpenCV, Tensorflow, TfLite -> Project on Github


Landor is a simple SaaS that allows everyone to create a landingpage with a drag & drop website editor. The landingpage can be published immediately.

Tech stack:
, Django, SQLLite, JavaScript, GrapesJS -> Project on Github

Business central Kickstart

A small open-source project to help everyone to kickstart a professional career with Business Central.

Tech stack: -> Project on Github

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