My Name is Hannes Holst and I’m a Dynamics NAV Consultant with more than 12 years experience. I have built my knowledge about Dynamics NAV by working for international companies. Fortunately, I never forgot to look beyond the end of my nose.

I have compiled information about myself on this page. The information is separated in 4 paragraphs. The first three paragraphs deliver a brief insight into my professional career. The last paragraph describes my motivation. Additionally, I provide additional information about my skills here. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here

The beginning

I have started my career in 2005. The international distributor Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH offered me a job in the IT-department. From my first day on, I have started to work with business processes and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. I started to like my job quickly. So I grew into the role and became a favorite person for everything related with Dynamics NAV. I did work directly for the company’s executive council for IT and business operations. My manager didn’t want to let me go, but …

Partner experience

I have decided in 2011, that I wanted to get to know the development approach of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner company. The Microsoft Gold-Partner BGL Software GmbH gave me the possibility to learn their business. The management decided to allocate me into the project for the newest and biggest customer. In a team of two, we were able to deliver Dynamics NAV including a industry-solution to the German offices. Because of the success, the customer ordered to implement the same solution for the French offices.

After this, I was keen to work hands-on with a modern software development approach. I did found my new position in the company TeleBilling (now acquired by Hansen Technologies). TeleBilling is a Danish Dynamics NAV partner and employs around 110 people. The major product is a Dynamics NAV industry solution for telecom services with projects across Europe. TeleBilling offered me a position as Technical Consultant. Each team occupied between 5 and 15 developers. The team organization has been standardized for each team using the Agile approach, version control and automated code delivery. (So, yes – I found what I was looking for.)

Being one of the key factors

In 2017, I faced a new opportunity which brought me to London. The fashion brand Tangle Teezer wanted to replace their current ERP-system with Dynamics NAV 2017. I didn’t hesitate long and we started the project together with The NAV People as infrastructure and software supplier. Thanks to a consequent utilization of standard processes in Dynamics NAV, we were able to deliver in time and under budget. Additionally, I was able to consult the decision making process with my experience and analyzes directly. The project was a great success for the business, the IT-management and for me.

The why, the how and the what


My personal motivation is simple. I’m driven by to create software that brings benefit to a business and is easy to use. Shaping details and focusing on the wider perspective gives direction on how to walk the road. Finally, I’m offering all this as a dedicated and individual service. My blog post “My top 5 tips for every software project” gives an additional, more detailed insight about my thoughts about software development.

Hannes Holst Westminster 10k 2017
(Running at the London Westminster 10k 2017)

Would you like me to help in your project?

For any question or additional information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.
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