People asking really?

HttpClient: “An error occurred while sending the request.”

If you are a developer or consultant who works for a modern Business Central-project that includes the integration of 3rd party services – you might come across this error while using HttpClient. Find out in this article why it happens, what do to about it and in which situation you have to live with it.

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An exploding chain

How to avoid a dependency

With the release of Business Central, Microsoft introduced the concept of Extensions. An Extension is a secluded function to the standard functions of Business Central. It’s a great concept – but it comes with an annoying flaw. Read in this article how you can avoid to add a dependency to your Extension.

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The Automatic Payment Reconciliation – How does it work?

The automatic payment reconciliation of Dynamics NAV and Business Central is great feature – load a statement file and match the open invoices within the blink of an eye. It’s every accountants dream and a basic feature in today’s world. Let’s have a quick but informative look into how it works and fill the gap the official documentation lacks.

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Database locks: A recent discovery

Getting the head out of the Dynamics bubble, you may encounter that Dynamics NAV and Business Central do have a (less favorable) reputation: Database locks. Every customer can report at least one story about it. In an overall good system, this could be a deal breaker – that’s why Microsoft invested into this topic recently.

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