I’m working with the ever evolving technology of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central since 2005. It started for me with the Classic Client with native database and integrated Development environment, swapping to SQL-Server architecture with the Role Tailored Client (RTC) and starting with NAV2018, transforming into a cloud-based ERP driven by a new programming language and development environment.

This category collects technology related information about Microsoft 365 Business Central.

Visual representation of integration displayed by a puzzle.

Business Central & SQL Server: Send any query and store the result as XML with 4 lines of code

A couple of years ago, the idea was to have everything in one major ERP application. Nowadays, the trend shifts towards platforms and Business Central becomes a piece of software in a diverse environment. It will become a key skill for every consultant and developer to integrate other software into Business Central and vice versa. There are a couple of options how to integrate (flat file, webservices) and today I want to show you how to query a SQL server and store the result in XML format with only 4 lines of code.

Business Central: How to upload and download File Attachments in Extensions

Unfortunately, in Extensions it becomes fiddly when it is necessary to upload or download File Attachments. The build-in functions of Codeunit “File Mgt.” and Table “Attachment” are not allowed to be used in Extension development. Therefor it is necessary to create own functions. The code below works in every browser.

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