Integrated Version Control for Dynamics NAV in VSCode

In this article series I will highlight the out-of-the-box Version Control of VSCode showing the creation of a new repository, use of branches and outline a possible way to utilize the Version Control features in a project environment with multiple databases.

I really like to focus on this topic, because until NAV 2018 a Version Control-system was not a standard in NAV-development. There are a couple of tools which enable to utilize Version Control in NAV-development and I know a couple of companies who have developed an internal solution. But beside the “Lock Object”-function, Version Control has never been able to really establish in the NAV-world. Among other things, this is a missing piece of modern development and is one of the reasons why people not involved in development for Dynamics NAV more or less looked down on it.

Fortunate, the product Dynamics NAV itself is very strong and an integral part of the portfolio of Microsoft. Therefore Microsoft pushes NAV-development finally into a new and modern era with a lot of changes for technical professionals.

Please enjoy the read of my take on the Version Control with Git in VSCode for Dynamics NAV. Please be advised that the specifications in this article series do not represent an ultimate and final best practice approach which covers all situations. Please use my research as a starting point to find the best setup for your situation.

Table of contents

  1. Integrated Version Control for Dynamics NAV in VSCode
  2. What are Version Control and Git?
  3. How to create a new repository with Git
  4. Branches
  5. How to create a new branch with Git