Business Applications Spring ’18 Release Notes for Dynamics 365

We are happy to share the Spring ’18 release notes for Microsoft Business Applications. It summarizes all new and updated features shipping in the Spring wave, starting in April. You can download the release notes here. In many ways, our Spring ’18 release marks the beginning of a new era for Microsoft Business Applications

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Microsoft released comprehensive Release Notes of Dynamics 365. When you have a question about the future of Dynamics 365, you will find the answer probably in this document.

Get it here.

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Negative Quantity in Inventory Valuation of Dynamics NAV

I’ve recently came across the problem, that the Inventory Valuation shows a negative quantity. It got me really concerned because the Inventory Setup states clearly “Prevent Negative Inventory”. So, how is a negative quantity possible? As typically in Dynamics NAV, the problem looks frightening, but the reason is logical.

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