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Business Central & SQL Server: Send any query and store the result as XML with 4 lines of code

A couple of years ago, the idea was to have everything in one major ERP application. Nowadays, the trend shifts towards platforms and Business Central becomes a piece of software in a diverse environment. It will become a key skill for every consultant and developer to integrate other software into Business Central and vice versa. There are a couple of options how to integrate (flat file, webservices) and today I want to show you how to query a SQL server and store the result in XML format with only 4 lines of code.

Dynamics NAV/365BC & built-in Machine Learning applications – Let’s have a look inside!

Machine Learning is everywhere. It does promise a bright future with auto-pilots and self-driving cars. And it brings nightmares with facial recognition and self-fulfilling prophecies. But because Dynamics NAV and Business Central are straight business, let’s keep things easy and have a look at Machine Learning applications, which Microsoft integrates into NAV 2017, NAV 2018 and Business Central.

Business Applications Spring ’18 Release Notes for Dynamics 365

We are happy to share the Spring ’18 release notes for Microsoft Business Applications. It summarizes all new and updated features shipping in the Spring wave, starting in April. You can download the release notes here. In many ways, our Spring ’18 release marks the beginning of a new era for Microsoft Business Applications

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Microsoft released comprehensive Release Notes of Dynamics 365. When you have a question about the future of Dynamics 365, you will find the answer probably in this document.

Get it here.

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