Software development

Everyone has an own approach when it comes to software development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There is good code and there is bad code. My long year experience does help me to understand what is important. Software development in Dynamics NAV must be robust, standardized and focused on the user.

As soon as the Consulting is finished, the development takes over. It is the phase of translating the requirements into Dynamics NAV. I personally enjoy this phase as much as I enjoy Consulting. Because software development finally integrates Dynamics NAV fully into the business. But it is important to keep everyone in mind who is involved.

Software development is for

As long as I work with Dynamics NAV, I’m developing in Dynamics NAV. One part of my central theme I follow, is to keep the user in mind. Good development can be measured on the daily operations. The everyday work just should be easier than before. If it is not the case, an integral part of software development is missed. I often saw developments in Dynamics NAV that irritated the user more than it helped. In my opinion, this is bad software development. And bad software development doesn’t help the business, when the user experience requires extensive training.

Robust and future-orientated implementation

An implementation must be robust to not to disturb the business operation. During Consulting, I discuss the direct flow of a process normally. In the development phase, my aim is to deliver a good implementation by thinking ahead. That’s why I do integrate additional functionality which is not necessarily part of the Consulting-documentation. This could be for example to pause, revert or amend an active element in the process. Or it could be additional functions that complete the user-experience. Robust implementation means also to maintain data integrity and validity. Especially when I implement changes in the Finance- or Inventory-Module of Dynamics NAV, I make testing and data cross-checking one of my top priorities. Then nothing’s more worse, when no one can trust the information in the system.

Use of

One of the great benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the robust and over the years grown built-in functionality. This so-called “Standard” covers the core of most processes in a wide-range of industries. Dynamics NAV is a good and comprehensive base with the option to extend in virtually every direction. But, Dynamics NAV is not an “all-in-one devise suitable for every purpose”. The design-approach of Microsoft is to provide functionality which covers the basics with additional manual input. Thanks to access of source code, I’m able to extend this basic functionality into an useful business-orientated integration.

Bespoke changes

Additionally, I’m able to design and develop bespoke functionality from scratch. In bespoke developments, one of my personal goals is to replicate the Standard of Dynamics NAV as much as possible. This starts in the technical structure, covers the usability and ends with the look and feel. It’s a major point for me, because I want the user to understand easily. On top of that I’m very familiar with robust implementations of external applications using Web-Services like SOAP and OData.

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