Value for your Business Central project

Before a project starts, a lot of decisions were made already. Resources are planned, time is estimated and milestones are determined. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone, who contributes value and accelerates into the project from day one?

Growing a business is thrilling. Seizing new opportunities, discover new horizons and tackle new challenges. The ERP-system is the backbone of every business. Therefor, introducing a new ERP-system is a core task that creates the foundation for growth and an exciting future. That’s why the mere complexity of a business is worth to be tackled and optimized. Because in the detail, the success is located. The right people are able to support a project through the phases of identification, documentation, utilization and optimization of processes to discover new potentials in the daily routine. I do support Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central projects to make them a success. I have more than a decade of experience in projects, that have implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central into different sizes of companies and industries. My blog is just an extract of my know-how. You are welcome to have a look or to get in touch with me directly.

The value of teamwork

My approaches to Consulting and Software Development are a result of my professional career. Regardless in which kind of company or in which industry I did work in, I did encounter always situations which highlighted, that working with Dynamics NAV and Business Central is team work. Because of these experiences, one of my personal key motives is to enrich a project as much as I can. Hence I support the management and key members of a project and provide my experience for best-practices.

Experience in different roles

In my professional career I did hold different kind of roles. I’m a developer, technical consultant, functional consultant and a business unit project responsible. Because of these experiences, I’m able to fulfill different jobs inside a project. Either as an entire project role or for certain tasks. Or a combination of everything depending on the current situation. In my point of view, all of these roles are equally important. Thanks to my experience, I was able to built know-how that does help me to accelerate in a project from day 1.

My personal motivation​

My personal motivation is simple. I strive to create the best I’m able to do. And by doing so I can contribute my piece to a project. A project is the result of continually effort over a long period. It’s not enough to stick the head out now and then. When everyone – regardless of the role – contributes steadily to a project, it is possible to make a project a success.

My primary focus is to make a project a success. By following this theme and contributing value, I simply create a Win/Win-situation for all parties involved.

Would you like me to help in your project?

For any question or additional information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.
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